I am so excited!


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Have fun! Break a leg!
How exciting, what part are you auditioning for? Have lots of fun and Break a leg.
Break a leg and have loads of fun! Tell us all about it :)
I am going to audition for a chorus role.  I just like to be in shows and am not particular re: what roles I do.  Thanks to everyone.  I will keep you updated.
I'm excited for you.  I wish I was going with you.

I got cast in Annie under Hooverites, NYC, Warbucks Maids and Servants.  :-)  Our first cast meeting is Monday night.



Congrats! I hope you have tons of fun!
I wish i could be in Annie too! :(
our orphans with Ms. Hannigan.

Our director told us the other night at rehearsal that the two girls playing Star to Be and all the NYC ensemble, including the boys, are going to learn a tap dance for that scene. :-)



our orphans rehearsing Hard Knock Life.


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