I have done the show as Fredrika, the 13-yr-old, but I'm going to be auditioning for Anne this time. I need 16 bars of a ballad and an uptempo in the style of the show, but not from the show. Wondering if anyone has any suggestions for me. Anne is the 18-yr-old somewhat silly, naive, virginal wife of the (much older) main character, and she sings soprano but must also have a lower mix. I'm not sure what songs would best show the character and the voice.

Some of my audition songs are:

Where's My Shoe (She Loves Me)
Waitin' for my Dearie (Brigadoon)
Heather on the Hill (Brigadoon)
What's the Use of Wondrin (Carousel)
One More Kiss (Follies, but not age-appropriate so I usually use it for opera/operetta only)
How Long Has This Been Going On (Gershwin)
Vanilla Ice Cream (She Loves Me)
One Boy (Bye Bye Birdie)

I'd love suggestions from my list, or of other songs I should look at. I'm guessing Sondheim is ok since I'm auditioning for a Sondheim show.


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I think that any of the songs you listed would work well. If you want something Sondheim, I would look at Philia's songs in ...Forum. She's silly and virginal, though more comical, than Anne. "That'll Show Him" is pretty rangy in it's original key.

I just finished doing A Little Night Music. I auditioned for Anne, got called back for Petra, and ended up cast as Fredrika. According to our director I was shorter than the middle schoolers he auditioned. I had played Fredrika before, at the age of twelve, it was interesting to revisit the role seven years later.


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