Not giving anything away, I'm wondering why it only ran 200 performances off-Broadway.

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Ned, it sounds like you are a bigger Annie fan that Mike and I put together, and Mike is a pretty big fan! I am envious of how you say Annie 2 and Annie Warbucks. I don't think Annie 2 is still licensable so there is no way to ever see it. Annie Warbucks still gets staged occasionally. Right now it is huge in Northern Ireland. Don't ask me why, but by visiting MTI's website, you can see who is staging what show and when they plan on doing it. I regularly look to see if anyone is staging Annie and AW near me. If 30 (coast to coast) are staging Annie, 4 are staging Annie Warbucks. I wonder how many people buy tickets to AW and THINK they are there to see Annie and can't figure out why they are not hearing "Tomorrow"?

I never saw "Annie Warbucks".I tried seeing some scenes on YouTube, but nobody ever posted a full production. The one song I liked was "I got me".

I was also wondering why the rest of the orphans were back at the orphanage.. I thought they all were adopted.. 


Sophia, in the Broadway play, the orphans don't get adopted.  We assume that Warbucks sent money to the orphanage so the orphans could buy the "rainbow dresses" (or he sent them).  Warbucks adopts them at the end of Annie Warbucks.  

Doesn't DW say  in the original, friends of his will adopt the orphans and they will be going to school, no more orphanage for them and Miss Hannigan will be locked up?

Nope! In the movies he does, but not in the stage version. As I said before, he adopts all of them in the end of Annie Warbucks.

Hi Jamey, sorry to take so long to answer you.  I was privileged to see the original productions of the 2 "Annie" sequels.  "Annie 2" was problematic from the beginning.  I saw one of the first performances sans the orphans, although the show did start to take a bit more shape and improved but not soon enough for the producers to want to chance a Broadway transfer.  It tried out, as did the original "Annie," at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.  There was a short rendition of "Tomorrow" by one of the Mrs. Warbucks wannabees that was played for laughs, so that was there for "people in the know," and who wasn't at that point in time.  I am especially glad to have had the opportunity to see Ms. Dorothy Loudon as Miss Hannigan.

"Annie Warbucks" was a huge improvement over "Annie 2".  The songs were more memorable and the plot more clearly defined.  Kathryn Zaremba was a little firecracker in the role, and all the performances were strong.  "Annie Warbucks" was the first show that I traveled from my home in Reading, PA, to NYC to see by myself as a twentysomething, so it will always be a good memory for me in that respect as well.  Later on I met Alene Robertson who played Commissioner Doyle in the show, and she became good friends with our family.  We have stayed in touch all these years.  So "Annie Warbucks" will always be near and dear to me.  I continue to collect autographs from people in all the "Annie" productions.  Slow but sure.

As for being a bigger fan than you and Mike, I really doubt it, at least judging from your many posts.  I guess I don't have time to get on the board too often, with my missionary work here in Ecuador and our four children ages 2-10.

Best wishes to you and yours. 

How did Annie fans react to the fact to the fact the creators were planning to write a sequel? what was fans reaction to Annie 2? what were fans complaints? where there complaints that were the same among fans? Or was it just the critics complaints that madeAnnie 2 close? (Same questions regarding Annie Warbucks)

Good questions.  Most "Annie" fans, myself included, were excited about the sequels, to find out what happened to our beloved Annie.  That the sequels were coming from the original production team added to the excitement.  But one must realize that very seldom does a stage, or even movie sequel, match the quality of the original.  Charles Strouse had already experienced that with his sequel to "Bye Bye Birdie".

If the critics are not kind, that discourages potential ticketgoers from taking a chance to see a show.  I don't know how that would have affected "Annie" lovers, but since it happened during the tryout in DC, it helped to doom a sinking ship.  As I related in a previous post, the show had its plot problems and went through many makeovers during the short period of the tryout and producers did not want to risk failure on Broadway.  They toyed with the idea of reviving "Annie" with some of the "Annie 2" cast and sets, although most of the sets would not have worked for that (prison, seaport with boat, etc.), but Dorothy Loudon did not agree to that.

As for "Annie Warbucks," it was a much stronger vehicle, but off-Broadway does not attract the same crowd that goes to Broadway shows, especially tourists, hence its short run in NYC.  It does continue to find its way into regional theatres, and I encourage "Annie" fans to see it when they can.

Hope this helps.  Greetings to all!

can you ask Alene Robertson for help with these questions?

More about Annie Warbucks:

And one of my favorite perrformances from the 1993 production:


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