I hope the link works. If not, go to and click "All That Chat" on the left side. Look at the discussion titled, "Another Ousted Annie?".

Interesting! And scary if it's true.

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Nobody knows why Tianna left the show except for Tianna, her family, and the producers. Let's leave it at that.
I don't think this discussion was really about Tianna. It is about how the children are being treated by the production company and the adults who are entrusted with their care backstage.
I agree, I didn't really think it was about Tianna either. I read it as being about the treatment of those children and it also seemed that people know about it but are afraid to speak up - if you're constantly being threatened wth firing, would you be afraid when all of a sudden someone is gone, just like that? Regardless of why Tianna left, the timing would make me a little nervous. I just pray that is not true, I feel really bad for those kids if it is...
Well, the article on TBW by Toeshoo is entitled"Another Ousted Annie" and Tianna and her leaving are mentioned several times. Seems kind of gossipy to me; we don't know ( or do you have some facts, Julie ?) how the child wrangler is behaving. Wouldn't a background check automatically be done in this day & age ?
I don't quite get the connection between the kids' behavior, Tianna leaving and the child wrangler's authority.
I would think it strange that the wrangler had the power to have the lead leave in such a hurry. I agree with Claire; let's leave this for TBW to "discuss." Tianna left a gracious thank-you note (but it was sad) on her blog...
Sorry, I didn't really phrase my response before that well.

I don't see any obvious connection between the wrangler's (only alleged at this point) behavior and Tianna's departure at all. There are simply not enough facts to assume that is true at this point. Maybe others involved have them, but I am in no way connected to the tour. We will probably never know if that is really happening and we will probably never know why Tianna left.

What I meant was this...

One of the posted replies on TBW said that someone (a cast member or a parent?) has seen the behavior and is very upset by it... I was really trying to say that if the allegations were true and I were there and witnessed it, that I might be afraid to say something about it just because of the odd timing of Tianna's departure. The timing of her departure was probably just a coincidence, but it would probably freak me out enough to the point that I would be afraid to say anything....

Sorry again, I am getting ready to rush out the door and am speaking in very fragmented thoughts, lol.

Of course as a mom, I would grab her and run for the hills! I would NEVER allow her to work in that environment. I meant if it were me, there on my own as an adult actor in the show, and not attached to a child... I can see where there might be some adults (especially some of the younger ones that are more dependant on the tour for income or whatever) that might be intimidated to actually say anything.

But, you're right, there is nothing to confirm any of that. I was just putting my own
$ 0.02 in. LOL.
Interesting discussion. I've heard similar stories about the current child wrangler and hope that NETworks takes it seriously and protects the children, rather than themselves. I can't imagine that these children would risk their jobs by acting up backstage or on stage and I know from previous casts that the people in charge of the kids can act quite tyrannical. Maybe it's time for NETworks to run some background checks on the people they put in charge of children.

Julie, I agree.

Apparently, the person who posted on TalkingBroadway does know why Tianna was fired. That is how I read it, anyway. It seems this understudy chick is out of control, based on the TB post. If so, networks needs to do something or we'll have another Annie20th on our hands e.g. hitting kids

And I had to laugh, is she really 30 years old?! OMG. That's hysterical - and pathetic that they'd hire an orphan understudy of that age who doesn't even look young.

What next? 70 year old orphans wearing Depends? ;o)

But in all seriousness, if these allegations are true, man, I'd leave the show asap with my kid AND complain to Networks, or whoever is in charge. Crazy stuff.
Oh my! I really hope that is not true... That is just horrible (and unprofessional) behavior for an adult. If you ask me, and I know you didn't, but anyhow... That is the type of behavior that should be written up, not children talking on a tour bus! And, if I didn't already feel sad for Tianna as it were, I'd feel absolutely horrible for her now! If this were (is?) true and Tianna were my daughter, I would be making sure that it got out there in the news. Sorry, but it's true, there is absolutely no reason for children to be treated that way. And, the fact that Julie said she's heard similar stories about this woman, makes me think that it is not that far off base. How sad...
My daughter is on the tour and I wanted to put everyones minds at ease. My daughter has no complaints with the child wrangler. I am not backstage to see what happens but she is returned to me every night with a smile on her face. As far as the wrangler disciplining them on the bus and hotels, etc (whatever was listed by the initial post on the other site), the child wrnglers job begins and ends at the callboard at the theater. My daughter is loving every moment of the tour (okay, she probably would prefer that there was no school) and I as a parent have no complaints. I just thought I would try to put some peoples fears to rest.
That is wonderful to know, and thank you for letting us know. I don't know wich of the orphans your daughter is, but I saw the show in San Diego and met the girls at the stagedoor, and they were all such fantastic performers and nice sweet girls. Tell your daughter she is doing a great job! And thanks for being a great mom to take her on the road!
Good to hear. My concern is always for the kids and any rumors or gossip about them being bullied or mistreated gets me upset. There has been drama and tension every year on this tour, so I've come to expect it. I do hope that moms everywhere always look out for the best interest of their child and not be concerned about losing a job, leaving a job, or voicing a concern if they suspect that their child isn't being treated with respect and kindness.



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