Now for the interviews.  When asked if they had a definite starting date for the National Tour, the answer was no but that they already have certain cities chosen and it will start touring in the fall of 2014.  When asked about how Taylor and Sadie's feelings were toward each other, everyone said they were good friends and had great respect for each other and toward the other girls too.  They seemed to want to make a point of it, as though they were trying to quell any rumors of friction between the girls.  When asked the all important question on this forum, the answer was quite simple.  When I asked why Sadie went from doing three performances a week as Annie, to playing just Duffy, I believe they gave me honest answers.  It seems awhile back that Sadie got sick for a time.  Whatever she caught was effecting her vocal cords and putting a lot of stress on them playing the demanding roll of Annie.  So to preserve any further damage to her vocal cords and to protect her career both present and future, a decision had to be made.  This decision was made by Mr. & Mrs. Sink and Sadie alone, no one else, all three staffers emphasized this fact.  So hopefully this will end that question.  Although I could not attend the cast party(wasn't expecting to), I was allowed to stay in the theater after the show by one of the male staffer's I had interviewed.  He seemed to favor Sadie as Annie which is another thread on here.  I didn't want to butt into where other guest were gathers, so I stayed to the one side.  I did however get several pictures of the former orphans that were still waiting for the party to get over, similar to the ones already posted.  There were many bouquets of flowers waiting to be given out and I imagine many tears were shed that night besides my own.  I couldn't have asked for a better first Broadway show.  I shall probably never live long enough to get to see my beloved Annie on Broadway again.  So this closing night will go to my grave with me.  I do have one bit of solace and that will always be at my fingertips.  Aileen Quinn will remain a 10 year old Annie to me as long as time for me exist and my dvd player doesn't break lol.  Since I did not write anything down, I may have forgotten some details.  If I do remember, I will post them, plus I have to ask Julie something in a private message.  And for all the talking up I did about the website, we may get some new members.  One even from Australia, who was my seatmate, he said he played Rooster in his school play.  So Annie is loved around the world, why not, she's a great little girl.  So here's to"Tomorrow", ya know, it's only a day away.

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Jaidyn sent me a message on Facebook saying the same thing.  She said it was a hard range for most and would have destroyed Sadie's beautiful voice.  That she is fine because they stopped it in time.  Even Lilla sounded hoarse when I saw her the December before last, and of course went to six shows a week. Then Amanda had some struggles and went to less shows as well. It seems the same thing happened to Tianna. Guess it depends on each individual performer and it definitely is not worth ruining their voices and health for.  Then Jaidyn said Sadie will still be doing Tuck.  Hopefully they can reschedule the Pre-Broadway run of Tuck and find a Broadway theater to go into soon. 

I believe Jaidyn was one of the girls I was able to photograph when I was in there after the show.  Unfortunately with age, memory loss is one of the problems.  I can tell by their faces that they're orphans, sadly the names get fuzzy.  The pictures I took outside after the matinee, I'll be danged if I can put names to the faces even though I just got done watching them.  I know their stage names like Duffy, Tessie, July, etc, it's the real names that stump me.  As for Lilla, when I saw her in June, I thought she was a little rough around the edges and hadn't been feeling well, her voice strain could be why she gave up the roll so quickly to go do Woods.  When I asked the staffers if anything was scheduled to come into the Palace, they said they had not heard of anything.  That's when I mentioned about Tuck was still looking for a place but at the rate it's going they may never get to Broadway.  I did hear two guests talking and one ask the other when he or it was going to open and the man said January 10th what ever that was about.  Also when I was on 43rd Street, they were moving scenery in or out of the back of one of the theaters that facing 42nd Street for what that's worth.

Robert, just curious, why did  you never see Annie on B-way in the original run in 1977-82 or a tour or local production?

Glad you enjoyed your experience on closing night.

Too poor, no transportation and I live in the sticks, lol.  Actually I live in a small hard coal mining town, very depressed area.  Therefore no money, the cars I drove most of the times, were clunkers I'd be afraid to take out of this town, let alone the state of Pennsylvania.  Now I pay $90 for a round trip bus ride to NYC which we didn't have available back then.  As for local stuff, I don't think a national tour came within 50 miles of this place,even if they did, transportation was still a hangup.  As for the schools around here, most were doing shows like The Music Man, Grease, Sound of Music, things like that, I don't remember many, if any that did Annie.  Besides, living in the sticks without internet at the time, was why my wife and I missed out on the great Woodstock experience(Oh Nooooo).  By the time we found out, it was over(shaking my head from side to side), such is life.  Yes closing night will always have a special place in my heart, what a thrill and I have a small keepsake I will treasure the rest of my life, however long or short that may be.

What a great report, thank you very much Robert, very informative and interesting to read!

Thank You Cecile, please read all my replies too because as I answer them, things are popping into my head that I forgot to include in the posts. 

I don't find anything at all great or informative about this. I actually find it extremely odd and inappropriate. Why would anyone go to a broadway show and start asking pointed questions to ushers about the relationship between 2 of the girls. It's non of your business for one and second why do you find it so interesting? And what would an usher know about the relationship of any of the girls? Ushers stay in the front and have no idea what goes on in the back. And then you try to infer that they are trying to quell rumors of friction! Are you serious? On top of that no usher, yet alone 3, are going to know or even if they did know, would tell you the reasons why Sadie was no longer doing Annie. And to think that a staffer would also tell you who they preferred is just as idiotic. I find not only this but many of your previous messages a bit disturbing. You're an older gentleman who almost had a heart attack because you found out 11 year old Lilla was not performing, instead Taylor was in when you had tickets. As you stated "there will be 2 seats empty for you Lilla". Yet you did however manage to give the tickets away so no they were not empty. Then when you did see the show with Lilla you decided it would actually be great to see someone else other than Lilla play Annie, that being Sadie. You then stated how "star struck" you were seeing Sadie and you couldn't even speak! And now you go and see Taylor (which I'm surprised you didn't have another close call to the hospital) whom I might add you've been rather negative towards and all you report about is whatever story you're hearing in your head about Sadie. And lastly, as everyone with the possible exception to family and friends, exits the theatre (like normal people do) you stick around. The word fan is short for fanatic. I think Robert that this is how you are coming across and it sounds rather unhealthy.

I agree but I also wouldn't try to start something...comment forums attract all kinds of people


Someone else had reported that rumor about Sadie having voice strain and she was still attached toTuck Everlasting. And anyone who wants to get into rumors or stories about "friction" or relationship drama with little girls is not worth debating with...they are children...products of the adults in their lives.

Thank You for your comment Baily, everyone on here is allowed an opinion, you stated yours.

Great way to handle it Robert

The ushers at The Palace probably know more than you would think--the parents often wait in the lobby for the show to end, and they chat with them regularly. They also work with the child swings (and some adult cast members) during the BC/EFA collections. 

Now, it would be totally inappropriate for them to dish about a 12-year old girl's affairs... but they do interact with cast and crew.


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