I know this is off-topic, but I also know there are a ton of people here who might be able to give some advice.

I'm auditioning tomorrow for "The King and I" at my school and I'm going for Anna. However I've come down with a cold and lost my voice during the week. It's mostly back now, but I'm afraid that it will crack and waiver and just not be my usual voice for the audition tomorrow.


any tips or advice as to what I can do to make my voice the best it can be??



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What you can do is drink plenty of water and try not to speak too much as best you can, and also get lots of rest. That always helps!
Drink tea with'll definitely sooth your voice and also open up your sinuses a bit.
Gargle with warm salt water.  See if your supermarket sells Throat Coat tea.  If so, drink it with honey.  I used to get sore throats and I got a lot of relief from a product called "Singer's Saving Grace".  It is a little bottle that you spray into yoru mouth.  It is pretty expensive, but I stopped getting sore throats when I used it. I would stand in the wings with in my hand and spray it in my mouth 5 seconds before I went on.  It worked great. 
Irony...I'm having the same problem right now.  I have auditions for my college musical tonight and tomorrow and I'm feeling reallyyy sick.  Has anyone else had to audition when they felt like they could barely get out of bed?  How do you deal with it?


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