If these allegations are not true, this journalist is destroying careers.

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The link didn't work, but I was able to find the article. I's unfortunate if the claims aren't founded and it was blown out of proportion. I do imagine he's strict since he has a business to run, but to imply emotional abuse without stronger evidence seems wrong.

The evidence seemed a little weak...I mean one rehearsal with kids crying....not ideal but also probably not the end of the world...I hope it isn't true or was a more or less isolated incident....interesting that both kids mentioned were swings...I hope there is no 2nd class treatment going on.


All the ensemble kids (or almost) have been in the show from the start so I doubt anything too serious is going on...and if it is that bad then shame on their parents for not putting a stop to it by either working together or pulling their kids out. I don't care how "great an opportunity" it is...if there is emotional abuse going on then that takes priority over a child's job

I don't believe a word of it. Riedel is a s**t-stirrer if ever there was one.

Exactly, especially since most of the kids are at the end of their runs, I don't think the parents would put their children through any emotional abuse to keep their jobs.

On Lesli Margarehta's (Mrs. Wormwood) vlog, the environment seems geared towards making sure the children are safe and comfortable so that nothing bad happens to them. The fact that none of the kids can go to the stagedoor and can only do interviews as a group also shows that there really is no emotional abuse going on.

Welp, looks like we got ourselves an update of sorts…if there's even any validity to this.

Definitely sounds like a dirty journalist.  I wouldn't hold weight to anything he says.

Reidel is such an ass. His defense is that those children want to be in the spotlight? You don't know that. Stage mothers are prevalent. And even if they are 100% for it, they shouldn't be forced to deal with long-term repercussions (like this article popping up every time their name is googled for the next ten years). Whether they want the spotlight or not, they are KIDS. They aren't mature enough to decide that a role is more important than their privacy. 

He's got about a 50/50 accuracy rate with these things.  My guess is that the truth lies somewhere in the middle. 

I thought it was really inappropriate to use the kids added nothing to the story

I should add that the reason it is inappropriate is because the kids and parents were not the ones complaining, it was the child wrangler...Piper has a good point about this article following them to future auditions...he could have hurt their chances of booking other roles...if a casting agent is deciding between two kids, he might only have their reputations to help him make the final call


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