Sydney Shuck (Kate) and Adia Dant (Pepper) are leaving when the first year of the tour ends in about a weeks time and they will be replaced by instagram users below! (I don't know their full names yet!) (Pepper) (Kate)

Congratulations to them both! I believe the rest of the orphans are staying on until November/December.

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It's gonna be sad when Issie Swickle has to step down. She is the best at playing annie! 

Where did you find this out? I'd like to see if there is anymore info.



I don't think here's been an official announcement yet, but I've suspected Molly Rose Meredith (is that her name?) had been cast ever since she started posting pics of her and brodway_girl13 (anyone know her actual name?)in rehearsal, doing the smile dance. Then yesterday, she posted a picture of her and brodway_girl13 with Issie and the other orphans and they both changed their bios too, so I'm pretty sure it's true :)

How did you find them? Anyway wonder when they take over?

I'm excited to see them! I wonder if any of the younger girls will stay the full year..

Molly Rose Meredith ( Pepper)  and Emily Moreland (Kate) are now officially  on the website on the cast page !


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