Just found article today there will be new actors and new roles with some changes with current castmates for Annie on broadway being for all of them as their last performance in role on July 28 and new roles starting July 30th. People that are leaving is Lilla Crawford, Jayden Young, Georgi James, Madi Re Dipatro, and Junah Juang. In the title role will be rotate between Sadie Sink and Taylor Richardson and while one playing Annie the other one will play Duffy. Tyrah Skye Odams will be playing the role of Tessie. Brooklyn Shuck will play the role of Kate. Emily Rosenfeld will still play role of Molly. New castmates are Gaby Bradbury who will play Pepper, Amaya Braganza who will play July and Skye Alyssa Friedman who will be a standby for roles of Duffy, July, Tessie and Pepper. Also Anthony re-new his contract till December 8.

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I liked Madi as July. I understand that Georgi and Jaidyn were starting to appear too tall for the roles. for me at least, a recast made sense for those two. Tyrah understudying molly as this point just does not seem like the best fit. I could see her as understudy for July. I believe Alyssa Milano  went from Kate to July. Brooklyn is taller than Emily I think. Still she looks younger than Emily. Brooklyn could easily play kate/Molly. She makes a better fit than Tyrah. By switching out title roles, wouldn't that be harder? You would never get time off. 

Emily and Brooklyn are only a year apart...they look about the same age to me...when Emily is in costume she still seems to look like a 7 year old.  I also really liked Maddie but maybe she and her family had no interest in extending her contract...she always seemed very good to me and not too tall or old looking

Here's a picture of the new orphans in rehearsal.  Left to right are July, Pepper, and the new swing.  Interesting that Pepper looks pretty small.

I saw Lilla perform only once and found her to be wonderful. I saw Taylor perform as Annie twice and found her to be truly perfect as the role. Believe me when I say that she has a POWERHOUSE of a voice. Both times I saw her, during "Tomorrow" when she belted out "I just stick up my chin and grin and SAAAAYYYYYY, OHHHH!!!!!" Many around me were is literal amazement at her range. I'm going to miss Lilla but I am so happy for Taylor. She's fantastic in the role.

This is the new billboard for the show above the Palace Theater entrance. Taylor is at the forefront with Sunny as the dog. This is from but I walked past the billboard a little while ago and I believe that Sadie Sink is the one with the mop right behind Taylor. All other orphans are hanging off the "It's The Hard Knock Life" wording. I love this new billboard and find it to be quite sweet.

are Taylor and Sadie sharing the role equally? I'm wondering if Taylor is gonna be the new "face" of Annie then. Or will there be other billboards with Sadie as Annie?

I believe they will be sharing the role equally. Taylor's been in the show longer and has gone on as Annie multiple times. This will probably be the only billboard because this one pretty much is right in the center of Times Square.

New Annie ads have started popping up on the internet, and I've seen both a version of this billboard and a picture of just Sadie with Sandy.

Then they are definitely sharing the advertisements as well. I do know that 100% it is Taylor on the billboard above the marquee.

There is a huge one that covers the entire length of a bus. Sadie is on one end with sandy and the red dress/curly short hair, and Taylor is on the other side in her orphan outfit. I think it's really cute.

I'll see if i can get it to post.

Is this the one you were talking about?  Emily Rosenfeld posted it on her facebook.

ah yep! that's where I saw it. Thanks

About halfway through Lilla's blog, you'll get to meet the new orphans...


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