Here is the link to the tour dates for the second national tour of Annie!

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Excited for it to start up again. There should be new production pictures too! :)

     This news is just in from Kids on Tour via the Dewey Casting audition announcement. There is a casting call for Annie Orphan roles on October 10 and the selected participants will begin live shows shows in late December. I am estimating the re set Orphan cast will begin their duties on Tuesday, December 29, in Providence, Rhode Island. It is possible that Emily Moreland (now Kate) and Molly Rose Meredith (now Pepper) could move over to new Orphan roles on December 29. They are under contract through the Portland, Oregon, shows in May 2016. This means that Issie Swickle (Annie), Angelina Carballo (usually July), Isabel Wallach (Duffy), Lilly Mae Stewart (Molly), and LillyBea Ireland (Tessie) most likely will be leaving after the Brooklyn, New York (Kings Theater) shows, which end on Sunday, December 27. Issie Swickle (Annie) has done an excellent job and I agree that it will be sad to see her move on to her next adventure.

Interesting that are looking for as tall as 4'10 ". Seems like lately they wanted them way shorter.

Does not mean all the girls are leaving. Alot of it may depend on height and if the parents want to keep touring. funny though since they already replaced two of them the others would have not known if they wanted to keep touring.

Issie Swickle is my favorite Annie! I'm gonna miss her! :(


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