Hard Knock Life

HKL Reprise (with a very funny ending!)

Tomorrow is uploading right now so I'll post it soon. My camera died before Never Fully Dressed, so I'll try to get that tomorrow. 

Likes? Dislikes? go to town!

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eh, i'll embed them instead. forgot i could do that.

HKL Reprise:

I really enjoyed HKL. Nice energetic group of orphans!
Great singing!
I put this on youtube, too, but I will throw my two potatoes into Murphy's stew here, as well. She is a little pitchy at first and gets a little ahead of the band track at the chorus, but she has a great singing voice. She is a great actress, too. That "singing in the band break" is not an easy thing to do. Many performers are nervous that they are going to miss the second enterance and start counting measures and mess up the dialogue. She had no trouble with that,

You keep doing what you are doing, Sweetheart and soon, we can all watch you do it on Broadway.
I should have clarified. My sister is not Annie, she plays Tessie. Anyway, I agree with your analysis. This annie is a great actress and a less great singer.

Its funny you mention the entrances, I taught her that! A month or so ago (before the show had opened, but well into their rehearsal period) they had a little mini performance at a special event. The little girl was supposed to sing Tomorrow, but it turned out she had NO clue the timing of the song, when she entered, etc. She isnt a kid who has a natural ear for timing etc, and I guess she just hadnt been taught the song enough? I'm not sure. I happened to be home from school for the weekend and so I was there. The producer of the show was present for the practice before the performance but not the director or muscial director, so when she didnt know what she was doing with the song it was pretty darn concerning. I grabbed her and taught her. I know Tomorrow by heart of course and knew exactly the timing and entrances and stuff and I got her on track. I am 20 and the last time I did annie I was 14, but I guess I'll never forget!

Its funny to watch my sister in a role I played when I was so much older than her. I was still playing an orphan when I was a freshman in high school I am really short and really young looking. My sister who is ten years younger than me and is only 10 years old is too tall to play annie and will be too tall to play any other orphan pretty darn soon too. It makes me laugh. I dont know how she is so tall and i am so...not! lol. She is taller than me already.
Whoa, I like it! :D
I enjoyed these Youtubes. Congrats to your sister and all the cast. A very good production- you must be proud as you taught her and the other kids some tricks from your own experience, and she's your baby sis ! Hope school's going well this year for you. Meghan. Time flies !
great vids you should put the first scene???


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