I've just bought my ticket and I'll see the matinee on November 24th! Finally!!!

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I am sincerely excited for you! You'll have a great time.

You bet I will!!! Thanks!

Are you meeting anyone here? I th nk you had a few people from here meet you in France if I remember tight. Either way you love it.

Yes, I'm meeting a few "Annie people", which is a big part of the excitement! I've only met two people from this forum before here in Paris so I can't wait!

Hey Cecile

I am SO happy  you will be seeing ' Annie' at last! I hope your trip to NYC is fantastic and you make a lot of memories. It would be fun if other members could go to the same show or at least meet up at some point. How long are you staying & are you touring the city , as well? I'll e-mail you soon.

xo Old Fan

I'll be in NY from November 22 to 25 then again on December 3 before I have to take my flight back to Paris in the afternoon.

That is wonderful! I hope you have the best time in the world :)

That's awesome Cecile! It's the perfect time to visit NYC! I hope you post pictures.

I will! I hope I'll be able to see some of the actors at the stage door, even though it's a matinee show.

I will bet that if you can contact some of them before you come to let them know you've come all the way from Paris to see the show, they'll be SURE to take the time to meet you!

Yes, maybe I'll do that on some the kids Facebook pages, and maybe some of the adult cast if I can find some way to contact them. Thanks for the idea!

OMG i really want to go. But can you tell me where you get your tickets. I live in New Jersey so i can just take the train. i told my friends ill go by myself if i HAVE too lol.


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