I am not able to get it to load


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I'm sorry. Try it on a different computer.




ok Julie I will
I tried it on two computers in my house and I couldn't get it to load either. 
It works fine for me ! ??

What happens if you go directly to this page?[fulltext]=annieorphans

Works fine for me.

Oh, thank you so much for this link!  I've never been able to access the music page, either.  This link works fine, though.  Very excited to hear Kristen and Roseanne.  (Especially Roseanne, since I loved her voice so much as Pepper and have been wanting to hear her sing "Maybe" - love that song - and there it is!  And especially Kristen, the original!)  No time to listen now, though, as I am on my way to see, what else, Annie!


Thanks again for the link, Julie.  And this site!  And "Life After Tomorrow."


Here is the response I got back from Ning, the company that hosts this site:

Sound Cloud is a Flash embed. That means that anyone with restrictions on their ability to load Flash objects, or anyone with a bad installation (or lack of installation) of Flash won't be able to use the feature. You might have them check out Soundcloud's support center ( or check out our Troubleshooting document ( Trying another browser, reinstalling Flash, making exceptions in Firewalls, and disabling any anti-adware software might help.


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