Does anybody have the video of the Mike Douglas Show from 1977, the one with Reid Sheldon, Dorothy Loudon, Andrea McArdle, and Stephanie Mills?

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Or the one with McArdle, Ally Sheedy, Stephanie Mills, and Kristy McNichol?

Hi Claire:  I've been looking for a copy of this show for years.  Let me know if you run across it and I'll do the same:-)


Sorry, I don't have it, but I remember it ! Kristy McNichol, Ally Sheedy (pre-fame) and a champion speller were on too. I really don't remember Reid & Dorothy on that particular show, though. Andrea sang a song called "Candy Hearts & Paper Flowers" or similar...another Mike episode close to that one, had Andrea describing returning from vacation and how she forgot some lines etc...hope this helps a bit ! Not sure if you saw them already but wanted to re-view them, so i may be posting what you already know :)
I remember watching it. I also remember that they couldn't spell very well. I just laughed. It was a fun show.
Does anyone remember or have an audio or video of Danielle Brisebois singing "Tomorrow" on Mike Douglass? She did an awesome job. Much better than on the Parade clip.
I uploaded the first Mike Douglas appearance the cast of "Annie" made. It is in 4 clips, I think. One is with the orphans doing "Smile," one with Andrea singing "Feelings," one with the orphans chatting with Mike, and the final one is the orphans singing "Tomorrow."

Old Fan, why are you having trouble playing the songs? If you click on the music player, it will open up in its own window and then you just have to double click on the song you want to get it to play.

Well, that's what kind of confuses me, because during the part of the video where Mike is talking with Andrea and all the orphans, he mentions Andrea and Reid being on a previous show of his, and Andrea said "Kristi McNichol was there", and they go on to mention that Alexandra Sheedy was also on that show, and so was that girl from The Wiz, and Mike said something to the effect that Andrea had gotten to sing with them on that show. I had watched the videos you uploaded when they were on the original website, but I was sort of under the impression that it was sort of a "follow-up" episode to another appearance that Andrea made on Mike Douglas. I'm glad that you re-uploaded those videos onto the new site, though, they're a lot of fun :)
I wish someone could post the whole Annie show w/Andrea McArdle. There must be a video of it out there somewhere!!!


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