I have fallen in love with this musical through clips on YouTube. You guys probably know all about it but I am so excited that it's come to Broadway next year. It looks simply wonderful!

Here's a video of the four Matilda's who shared the part. I hope it's okay to post this here.

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one more day!!!!!

(not like I will be there or anything, but still very exciting)

:)  I would love to see some rehearsal footage.  I can't wait anymore!  I'm seeing it in 3 weeks!

I'm not sure if you only meant rehearsal footage from Broadway. But if not, here is a really fun one from London....



Thanks Jenny!  Very cute!  I would really love to see more about the Broadway cast though.  Not much has been released at the moment.  I'm especially interested in this cast because I saw Beatrice Tulchin in A Christmas Story and Ava DeMary in Billy Elliot (at the same performance where I first saw Lilla Crawford).  It's funny that a number of the ensemble kids have been on Broadway before, but all the Matildas are making their Broadway (and in some cases professional) debut.  I wonder if it's because they need small girls or if there's another reason they wouldn't choose more seasoned actresses.

Perhaps once previews are out of the way there will be more. I agree with you. I am hungry for Broadway Matilda!!

Isn't the trailer the Europe cast?


I was a bit afraid of that, as I'd found a few older videos of some of the girls and wasn't exceptionally impressed.  I found the audio of Oona singing Naughty.  Was that the one you were referring to?  She sounds cute, but yes, I agree with you.  It could be the nerves or the choppy movement required in that song that keeps her voice from sounding pure.  I wonder if the accent gets in the way of singing the song purely as well.  I felt that was an issue for Lilla when I saw Annie in previews.  Maybe a put-on accent will never sound fully natural, and takes a bit away from the performance.

I just saw Matilda in London this past December.  It was really cute.  The songs are great especially When I Grow Up.  I was singing it all the way back to LA!

Here's a cute article about the Matildas for anyone who's interested.  I'm seeing the show on Tuesday and I absolutely can't wait!! :)

Here are some production clips from Broadway...

If you haven't seen the show yet, see it!!  It's fantastic!  I can't wait to see it again! :)


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