I have fallen in love with this musical through clips on YouTube. You guys probably know all about it but I am so excited that it's come to Broadway next year. It looks simply wonderful!

Here's a video of the four Matilda's who shared the part. I hope it's okay to post this here.

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New(ish) video from the West End cast.  I really can't wait to see this show!

I love that Miss Trunchbull, Miss Honey and Matilda's parents from the original West End cast  are all coming over to do the show on Broadway. most of the leads will be British.  I hope the kids will have realistic British accents.  The kids' accents in Mary Poppins on Broadway just seemed whiny.

This is for anybody who suffers epilepsy or any similar condition - the only flashing light I personally can remember was some laser beams that made everyone jump (I was in the upper circle so probably could have reached out and touched one!), but I'd still recommend checking first.

Has anyone seen Matilda the Musical? I wonder how closely it follows the movie (or the book)? The only adult male character in the movie is the Danny DeVito character, who plays her mean father.

I have seen this musical. It is amazing, one of the best musicals on West End (and soon to be Broadway). It follows really closely with the book, yet has a something unique that I can't put my finger on. You really have to go and see it to understand what I mean. Bertie Carvel plays Miss. Trunchbull which is interesting, and he portrays her well, yet he never saw the movie with Pam Ferris.

There is also another male role - the escapologist (i.e. Miss Honey's father)

Also the doctor, Rudolpho and Matilda's brother

Well they are in the musical version anyway

They have also cast the rest of the child ensemble: Frenie Acoba, Judah Bellamy, Jack Broderick, Ava DeMary, Emma Howard,  Luke Mannikus, Madilyn Morrow, Sawyer Nunes, Jared Parker, and Beatrice Tulchin.

Interesting to note, according Emma Howard's official website ( "Emma was one of seven finalists selected from over 5,000 girls who auditioned nationwide for the role of 'Annie' in the revival of this classic musical which opened at the Palace Theatre in Fall 2012." I believe this has been posted before, but here's a video of her at age 9 (she's 11 now) playing Annie. Watch a few minutes in to hear her sing Maybe.

She sounds great! Best of luck to her and the rest of the cast!

I was wondering if any of the Annie finalists would be in Matilda.  I saw Beatrice Tulchin in A Christmas Story earlier this month, but it seems she's left that show recently even though the show closes next week.  I wonder if they've started rehearsals for Matilda already, and that's why she had to leave.

She's good :)

Here's a new video and article about the girls starring in Matilda.  Of course they had to mention Annie in the article!  I can't wait to see the show this month! :)


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