I have fallen in love with this musical through clips on YouTube. You guys probably know all about it but I am so excited that it's come to Broadway next year. It looks simply wonderful!

Here's a video of the four Matilda's who shared the part. I hope it's okay to post this here.

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oh thank you! I hadn't seen anything from the Broadway cast yet. LOVE IT!

Could the height thing be why children are replaced fairly quickly?

could well be. Matilda is supposed to be 5 years old. Clearly these girls aren't. But you are highly unlikely to find a 5/6/7 year old that could carry that show. So they need to find tiny sized girls to look young, but be mature enough to handle it.

Matilda scoring RAVE reviews may not bode well for Annie.  Hopefully Annie can compete with a new and more modern might help that Mary Poppins recently closed so that is one less family show to compete with

It also might help that Jane Lynch is joining the cast in about a month. That'll get some more adults, especially glee fans, into the theatre too.

Naughty and Revolting children (broadway cast) on Good Morning America!!



I think Revolting is fabulous. I think Matilda sounds really good, I'm sure she was nervous but she could work on her connection to the audience and confidence a bit but I'm sure that will come with time. So excited to see this show!

Sorry about talking to myself, but watched it again and I think my initial reaction that she wasn't connecting to the audience was in error because the camera angle is not the audience angle. You think?


Yeah, it's an awkward way to have to perform a song. She seems uncomfortable with the abbreviated arrangement, which is understandable. It's early, and performers rarely get much time to rehearse these kinds of things. 

Thank you for posting this! Isn't that the same Matilda that did opening night? (I forget her name). She is really good.

I loved how they staged Revolting Children. I'm assuming it was a bit different for GMA becuz the desks don't go down into the floor. I really have always liked that he older "children" come in at the end.

I found their  words easier to understand than the London cast. I am going to assume that even tho they were trained to have an English accent it's not going to be as strong. And thusly easier, at last for this American, to understand.

I can't wait to see the tour. I am sure there will be one eventually.

And a HUGE thanks to Julie for letting us have this one Matilda thread in an Annie forum!

Hi Jenny. I was watching a children's news show with my little cousin and there was a piece on Matilda going to Broadway. Turns out some of the lyrics have been changed to suit the American tongue (for example, 'treacle' was changed to 'syrup', etc)


Bailey performed on GMA.  Previews opened with Oona, and Sophia did opening night.  When I saw it, Sophia was performing, and from what I saw here, I did like Sophia better.  As the youngest Matilda, she has a much tinier and sweeter voice.  But that's just a matter of preference, and I'm sure Bailey was a bit uncomfortable with the altered song and choreography.

Revolting Children is a fantastic production number.  It's one of those moments in theatre where you can just feel the electricity in the air, and everyone around you is smiling.  The cast here did a great job, but there's nothing like seeing it live.


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