I have fallen in love with this musical through clips on YouTube. You guys probably know all about it but I am so excited that it's come to Broadway next year. It looks simply wonderful!

Here's a video of the four Matilda's who shared the part. I hope it's okay to post this here.

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I think this little girl's acting is incredible!  Just look at her facial expressions.  I can't wait to see the talent they get for the Broadway version.

oh yes, she is amazing

I wonder what Roald Dahl would make of this.. :)

Who else can imagine a little Lilla Crawford playing Matilda? Aww :)

It seems like there's a lot of work on Broadway for child actors nowadays!  It's wonderful.  I hope they'll do an extensive search for Matilda.  I saw that they're looking for a girl between 8 and 10.  That's very young for the weight of such a popular show.  I'm sure there are girls out there who are perfectly capable, but finding the correct height on top of the talent will probably be difficult.  I would imagine that there will be a large turnover for the lead role if the show lasts a few years.

The Broadway "Matildas" have been announced!

Article from the Associated Press

Thank you so much for posting this!  They're so cute!  I'm a bit surprised though that they cast 4 Matildas.  I know they did that in the British version, but I had not expected it here.

The role is ever so demanding, Matilda is on just about every scene. Also, I'm unsure about the accents. I suppose the directors will tell them to act natural. I saw that clip on the Royal Variety. Mum cried!

How much more demanding is it than the role of Annie?  That's the only reason I'm a bit confused.  I never really understood how they decide to double, triple, or quadruple cast in America.  There don't seem to be any rules, just preference by the production.

The age of Matilda is generally younger...I believe they are all 10 or below so that might have something to do with it.  I don't think the voice requirements are as demanding as Annie but there is likely more stage time and possible more dancing and physicality

A lot more physical ability is required for this role as opposed to Annie's. Gymnastics would probably be a bonus if you were to go for one of the roles.

I agree, just from clips I have seen ( great show !) There  seems to be a number of solos for Matilda as well as group songs. I think it looks demanding from all angles! Memorizing all the words, dances and moves would be quite a feat IMO.Lots of rehearsal time too.

Will the girls have to use a British accent- another demanding requirement for an American child.


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