I have fallen in love with this musical through clips on YouTube. You guys probably know all about it but I am so excited that it's come to Broadway next year. It looks simply wonderful!

Here's a video of the four Matilda's who shared the part. I hope it's okay to post this here.

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I bought the cast recording awhile back and love it ('Naughty' is especially cute!) I'm hoping we get it here in Melbourne soon - afterall Tim Minchin is Australian! But it seems our theatres are filling up pretty fast for next year so I don't know that it'll happen anytime soon

Naughty is awesome!!

That was very interesting.  I find it a bit strange that they would cast by specific heights, though.  It's not like they're casting a movie or a short-term show.  These kids will definitely grow by the time it gets to Broadway, and will grow even more during the run.  Some kids grow faster than others, too.  I can see having a height limit or range, but to cast by specific heights to the inch seems unusual.  Regardless, I'm looking forward to seeing this show!

Ooh, thank you Cecile! How in the world did you find that?! I thought I'd found everything there was.

I would love to be a talent scout. Sigh. Another life maybe.

Somebody posted it on FB.

Haha went to see this with my school in London in April - Matilda was played by Isabelle Molloy who was fantastic. It truly is one of the best musicals and if you haven't read the book I suggest you do - simply bliss.

I hope it translates well for American audiences.  I'm seeing it in previews in March!

Oh I'm sure it will - you're in for a treat!

my dream trip is to go to NYC in the spring and see Anne and Matilda!

Me toooo!!!

I've read the book and I wish I could see this show. Seems incredile! Thanks for posting this video. 


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