The NYPL is in the process of releasing the great Martha Swope's Broadway photos to the digital age......including those she took for "Annie".


Here's the link:

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Great find!  Brings back so many memories!

WOW! these are amazing! The should take the best of the best and make a coffee table book with these.

Tthanks Buckmeister

Those are great! That's the "Annie" I remember. I especially like seeing the close-ups of the girls who played Annie and playing the role in scenes, and also the DW and MH ones. I think all the B-way Annies really look the part. Some of these photos are in Martin's Theater Memoir. Martha Swope was a very talented photographer.

Still not sure I will like the changes in the revival, but we'll see!

Wow! There are so many!!! I never would have guessed so many pictures had been taken from so many different productions, I haven't even had time to see them all yet.

I find Andera's wig to be almost brown.  When she is with the orphans if I didn't know better I'd think Robyn was "Annie".

Glad they changed the wig color when Shelly assumed the role.

What great pictures!

Some of these pix are very interesting - I can't imagine getting through them all, but I was kind of jumping around -  and all the ones of Alyson Kirk without the wig feature her with blonde hair! :)

This is a super long URL, hopefully it will work -

Thanks for sharing - this is really stunning!  It's like seeing the whole show in pictures! :D

I see my cast on page 77 and page 85. What fun!


Do you remember the day those pix were taken?

Yes, I sure do. I was sad that by the time that I joined the Broadway Cast, they were no longer shooting new cast photos. Alyson Kirk had some Annie photos taken, but I never got any official cast photos as Pepper. I have one of my Tessie photos framed in my house, though.


These really are fantastic. I could spend hours clicking through (and probably will, at some point....!)

I agree!  I love seeing all the different casts!

Didn't realize what an ADORABLE Annie Allison Smith was early on - - these must have been when she was first cast!


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