Can any one tell me what the orphans are singing in the 82 finale? What comes before;

..."who gives em the old front door"

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"When woes and worries take hold, who gives 'em the old trap door!?"
Ironically, I only know this because of closed captioning! :P


Rozzy is our new Annie encyclopedia !  :)

I always wondered that myself.  Is the next line "I do not mind repeating?" Please correct me if I'm wrong.  It took me a long time to figure out what the Rockettes were singing in "Let's go to the Movies".

Yes, it's "I do not mind repeating." The first few times I watched the movie, I thought it was, "I do not like repeating," which makes no sense. I find it amusing now.
This is such a fun part of the movie, even if it is a bit silly.


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