In response to one of Jaidyn's posts, somebody answered: "My daughter Belle made it to the final callbacks last week for the new stand bys. We met your entire creative team and James And Charles."

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she looks and sounds great!

Thanks for finding this!  I love how pure and innocent her voice is.

The new girl is 7 years old and is the stand by for all the younger orphans.  

Seven years old?  Wow!  She must be impressive....that's really young!

It's especially young for someone to take on multiple roles.  The role of a swing requires extreme retention and professionalism.  Where did you hear about her, Betsey?

Brooklyn Shuck is the new orphan.  She is a very talented 7 year old from Lexington, KY.  I have watched her in numerous local productions during the last year.  She is going to be great!  Way to go Brooklyn!!!

Here she is singing Tomorrow last year...


A story about her being cast.....


and of course a pic


What a beautiful little girl! cute.  I am surprised they picked such a little one!  She doesn't really look old enough to play anything but Molly. 

It says she will understudy 5 roles, so that is likely all the orphans except for Annie and Pepper.  How could such a little girl remember all that and be ready to go on at a moment's notice?

Well it says she is 7, perhaps she is almost 8. Both the current Molly and Kate are 7.

Still, to be a swing/understudy for 5 roles is a lot. Maybe they got that wrong, maybe it's just for Molly and Kate and Jaidyn will be for the other four (plus Annie)

Emily and Tyrah are both currently 8.  I have no doubt that she can do the show, but being a swing is a lot of work for someone so young.  However, you may be right about the mistake.  Tyrah's facebook page says that Brooklyn is the standby for young orphans.


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