In response to one of Jaidyn's posts, somebody answered: "My daughter Belle made it to the final callbacks last week for the new stand bys. We met your entire creative team and James And Charles."

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Cool are some children aging out?

wow, I just joined Jaidyn's FB page. She is going on as Duffy a lot lately. Wonder why that is.

Taylor has been filling in for Lilla a lot, so Jaidyn gets the chance to play Duffy more? Maybe Sadie is leaving as rumored? Georgi too tall now? Hmm.

I am pretty sure Tuck Everlasting in starting in Boston soon and Sadie has the lead...I believe Tuck is eventually planning to make it over to Broadway soon so maybe Sadie will get a leading role...she is a very talented little girl and would have made an excellent Annie IMO (of course I also think Lilla and Taylor are fantastic!)

Just the end of December I was sent this on Facebook re: Sadie:

Annie The Musical

Hi Carol, Sadie is currently in rehearsal, and we look forward to her doing a great job when she is called upon to go on.
I think Sadie is great but I'm just not sure why they would hire her when they knew she was starting in Tuck. Why not hire Sophia Caruso who can stay in the show a lot longer and who also has played the part.

Maybe it was because Sadie had just finished an Annie run and she knew the lines, etc.?  Seems like they were in a rush to get a stand-by at the time.  Just guessing!

I just saw this video of Sophia singing.  Wow!!  I hope she makes it to Broadway sometime soon!

Sophia Caruso! Love this kid. Such a great voice. She's going to be on "Smash" very soon. She's actually on the "Smash" Bombshell album.

Confirmed! Sadie Sink will be playing Winnie in the pre-Broadway run of "Tuck Everlasting" in Boston in July. I'm guessing that's why the "Annie" casting team is looking for more stand-bys.

I hope that Sadie gets to continue with Tuck after it moves to Broadway. Since they hired her really for no reason in Annie, and she never even got to go on.  

Here is a new video that was just posted that has some great moments with Sadie in it. :)


She sounds great! Hope the show has much success in Boston!


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