Found these on YouTube! Isabella Pappas as Annie :)

Annie UK Tour 2015-16:

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Isabella is good but her vibrato doesn't sound natural at all. 

Hmmm...the UK tour have the original key of Tomorrow, Isabella Pappas is singing in F#. The US Tour have it in F now. I don´t think I´ve heard it in F# exept for the original Broadway productions and perhaps the old national tours. Andrea McArdle sang it in F# (at least at the recordings I´ve heard). But all the Annies in the 20th and 30th Tours sang it in F. I´ve heard a recording with Joanna Pacitti singing in E and then modulating to F. Singing Tomorrow in F# is pretty high to belt out:-). It might not seem like a big difference, only one semitone, but it is harder than it seems:-).

Didn't Taylor and Lilla sing the song in F# in the Broadway Revival? 

Oh, I forgot the revival, probably because I have´nt listened to that many clips from it:-). I´ve listened to a few now and it seems to be #F most of the time:-).


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