Little Orphan Annie Costume for Kit Kittredge American Girl Doll


So I've been collecting American Girl Dolls snd Kit is my favorite, I was looking for more information on her Collection I found This Information;

"Finally, since Little Orphan Annie was very popular during the Great Depression, I thought it would be great if Kit had an outfit and accessory set that could go with a Short Story. The story might involve Kit wearing her Orphan Annie Halloween costume when she went with her class to be in the audience at Radio Station WLW in Cinncinnati in late October 1935 to watch a Little Orphan Annie radio show being recorded. The show's host would notice Kit in her costume and invite her onstage to say one of the lines of a kid in that week's radio script!"

I think the Kit Kittredge books by Valerie Tripp provide a nice contrast to the Fairytale version of the Great Depression in Annie, For those of you who have kids it might be fun to compare and contrast the narratives with them.

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Aw, so cute.


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