I heard that they had a "Broadway on Broadway" today, a concert with samples from this seasons Broadway shows and they featured "Annie" but I can't find any videos online. Did you hear about this Julie?

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I found this but no Annie. I've suscribed to this accoubnt, we now have to wait for part 2:

Also went through the videos from this account but no Annie in sight:

There are a lot of videos on YouTube but none of Annie. The only Annie-related thing I could find is this, it lasts less than 15 seconds and starts at 3:08:

There was only an appearance by Anthony Warlow and Katie Finneran, no performance. Kathy Lee talked to them onstage for a minute or two, and that was it. It was basically just a little promo spot for the show. One of my friends was there, and she was able to get their segment on video, which she texted to me. If I can figure out how to upload it, I will post a link here.


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