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She's going to look adorable with red hair.

Do you know if they'll straighten it? 

Her Facebook page has not said what else they will do with her hair at this point.

I wanna see her with red hair and in orphan dress!

just curious, does anyone know how tall she is?

hows her singing? she better have the pipes of andrea mcardle & allison smith.

I hope so too.

We ran into her either right before or right after the top picture was taken - I'm thinking it was before... anyway - my daughter is 4'8" or so so I'm guessing Lilla is about 4'7"

Cute photo of the girls.  What was your daughter auditioning for? ( I just assumed, since she has a number attached to her shirt!!! )

She was auditioning for "Matilda" and got a callback! Way to go, Kennedy.

Matilda?  Is that an adaptation of the book/movie?  Is it a musical?


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