Hey!! I know this is a a random question but I was wondering do you prefer Lilla Crawford's tomorrow at the beginning of the revival or the end? (I always thought her voice changed throughout the revival)

The beginning:

The end:

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I think she sounds pretty good in both recordings, however she sounded best without the new york accent. I don't think the accent was necessary at all.
I would love to hear her sing Tomorrow without the fake accent. It ruins it for me. But, boy, what a voice!

I think Lila was probably better at the start of the revival (not that she was bad at the end).

Her voice changed and actually dropped during her time. Given the key the songs were written in I think she may have struggled some at the end.  The reason I say that is because she was cutting notes shorter and I suspect that she had to alter them to avoid putting too much strain on her voice. It can be more harmful for a voice that is changing to sing in the higher ranges, especially if you have to put the power behind it that a stage musical requires.

Here's Lila in Jan 2014 singing a parody version of Tomorrow.  Notice how much lower her voice is compared to the start of Annie. She's singing in a key that better fits her older voice.  Also, with the lower key she doesn't cut notes short.

At the beginning.


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