Everybody says it is lost and that it's a shame that it is't in the special features on the DVD. Well, it seems like it's (partially) on YouTube:

part 1


part 2



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Shame it's too little...I like it tho.
I have a copy of it. The master footage that is now owned by Sony Studios seems to be lost forever. I'm sure people like myself taped it on VHS tape when it originally aired on PBS (our public broadcasting channel).

Could you. Please post some more of it the orphan parts
Some of these kids can't sing and dance. Why do these parents let their girls audition? Don't they know that they're making a movie and know that their girls are not going to get in? They should know that talented kids get in Annie.
i remember watching this as a kid on tv. i mustve been about seven.
I looked for this special for years and finally got a full copy of it. I am afraid to post the entire thing to Youtube because I don't know if it's under copyright. If the original footage is lost, has the copyright to the special been renewed? Or is it just automatically owned by Sony as part "Annie"?
why don't you post it on here?
I didn't know I could. :) I have a Daily Motion account - if I can find the time to post it, I'll do it there. I believe it will allow me to do larger chunks than just the 10 minutes on Youtube. My ripping program is slow though, unfortunately, and I don't have the fastest DSL.
I had forgotten that this was originally a PBS special. I'm surprised they don't own it somehow. When I watched it, I had forgotten how dated and almost "campy" it was compared to today. My copy is also not the best; it has generation loss from being dubbed and dubbed from VHS to VHS, but as far as I know, it's complete.
nuts to this - I just went through my Broadway DVD collection and Lights Camera is the only one missing. Hopefully Sony isn't the only one to have lost it! :( I can't imagine where it is because I've kept them pretty organized (despite four kids running around with all their movies!) If I turn it up, I'll upload it to Daily Motion. I did just add a couple of Annie Warbucks clips. I had these on there before, but a foreign film company that presumed to own the rights to a silent film I had uploaded a clip of (which actually, I'm 99 percent positive was in public domain) but they totally zapped my entire account permanently for copyright and I had to start all over.
I was wondering why the Annie Warbucks clips had gone, I'm so happy they're back on, I just love them. You have some great clips on your account, thanks for sharing them with us!
oops! I meant hope Sony IS the only one who's lost it. :D It bugs me now that it's not with the others.
Yes, I was annoyed when they deleted my account like that. I wasn't' the only one; other people who posted similar public domain things had this foreign copyright company contact youtube and take them all down. This company does own some but not all and they didn't even bother to see which ones they actually did own; they just took everybody out and Youtube believed them.


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