Hi! I just read Leah Remini's book, "Troublemaker." It's mostly about her life in the Church Of Scientology but there is a part about how she went to audition for Annie on Broadway in 1980 and was sent home because she started "Tomorrow" too quickly. Is there anyone here who was there* and saw her audition by any chance? I'm finding it hard to believe, myself.

*if you feel like posting about it, of course

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That would have been around the time that I auditioned.


Does her experience with being cut immediately for starting tomorrow too quickly sound right to you? Were they that strict in the auditions during your days?

No, she would have been able to sing the 8 bars. Maybe in her memory, she messed up and then was cut after that round.


I remember I almost fell over when I found out that Kristen Chenoweth, at about age 9,  had auditioned for the 1982 movie version and been turned down, until I found out that it was because of her thick Southern accent,  (maybe she couldn't speak any orher way at the time?) and not her talent. Still, weren't some kids still dumped in orphanages during the Depression even after the family moved for what they thought would be a better life?*

*this would have been if she had played an orphan role, since Annie had of course been at the orphanage since infancy.

I had never heard that about Kristen before.  Did anyone else comment on his audition?  Funny how she ended up in the second movie by Disney!


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