Look at this amazing new video I found on YouTube! She is so cute! It includes a small extract of her singing changes and the video of her singing I always Knew that Julie posted.

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She was so cute!! Love her personality and her powerful voice. Not a big fan of the song though.

I actually like the song I always Knew :) I think she sounds better here:

How funny that she mentioned wanting to be an artist! She sells prints now

I was thinking the same thing!

So great seeing an interview of her.

She was a perfect Annie. Her voice reminds me of Kristi Coombs as Annie.. Seems very smart and spunky. I didn't know Bill Berloni found her while looking for a Sandy. Bill deserves so much more credit than he got in Annie. Happily he is famous now for his wonderful work with rescue dogs and show business.

Someone commented KZ was on Full House- who was she on that show?

She played Michelle's friend Lisa for a few episodes in the last season.

Thanks! My kids watched that show- never knew she was on it!

You're welcome! I'm not sure what year this was, but I feel like in her first appearance her hair was still red from Annie Warbucks. And in another episode she sings!


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