Who has been posting here the longest? Apart from Julie of course, lol. Cecile? Jenny H?  Katarina ? I'm relatively 'new' at 8 or so years I think! I also wonder what happened to other old posters.

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I've been on here since around 2000 I think!  :)

I think I go back to 05 or 04 maybe. I was an active poster when I was a teenager. Not so much anymore. Hey everyone!

Hi Meghan! Nice to see you post. Hope all is well. I remember you on the old forum. Max =) also goes back a long way and posted the other day!

I don't remember the exact year but it's been quite awhile since I first found the site.  I stayed in the background for a long time and only started to post a few years ago.  In fact I think I'll start another similar topic since Old Fan kind of gave me the idea.


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