Just saw Joanna on AI...she was great, but a question...Julie and other "showbiz kids" experts please chime in...

Joanna said that she "moved to Hollywood" on her own when she was 16. Exactly how does that happen? I understand the whole emancipation thing, but I was surprised that a "Philly girl" was permitted by some down to earth parents to just move to L.A. by herself at 16. Is there a "real story"?

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She received a lot of money from the settlement with Macy's and was working on a record when she moved to LA. She moved in with her manager, I believe, so she wasn't completely on her own. Not to disrespect Joanna's parents but why do you assume they are "down to earth"? That just made me laugh - sorry to tease. Look, I think that Joanna and her parents wanted to see her become a successful recording artist and LA is where she needed to be at that time. I'm sure her parents made sure someone was looking after her.
That's true--she did stay with her manager (Michelle) but at the very beginning from what I remember, her mom came out to LA and stayed with her for a few months....then her mom would travel back and forth from Philly(the odd time her dad would come), and this went on for several months from what I can remember.
Wow, clearly a kid has ambition when she decides to move across the country without her parents ate age 16!
This is a bit off topic, but along the same lines - but the little gal that played Dorothy for me in my company's production of Wizard of Oz wanted to get started early, so she too moved to LA at 16, with the full support of her family. She is now 17, and getting a job and roommates and will be fully on her own. She graduated H.S. early so she could go out there. It doesnt seem all that uncommon to me... but then again, I moved out there when I was 17 - my mom helped me drive out there and get an apartment, then I was on my own. :0)
I think it all depends on the kid. I moved out at 17. I didn't go to LA, but I worked and went to College, so it depends on the kid and who was around her.
I defiantly think it depends on the kid, because I am 17 now and I can't imagine just moving out to anywhere other than a college dorm. And I am VERY independent. It just isn't something i could even imagine doing. I don't mean this in a judgmental way, but I wonder why her parents wouldn't just move out there with her.
Perhaps both of her parents have jobs and responsibilities in Philadelphia. Not everyone's entire family can afford to relocate.
I adore her - she truly deserves to make it. I'm glad I watched the show tonite - I may enjoy this season of AI!! :0) Congrats Joanna if you are here!
If you want to follow Joanna's journey through American Idol, it looks like someone has started a website. I think they will likely upload the clip from tonight's audition.

I went to her site and tried to download it, but it wouldn't open on my computer. Can anyone upload it to share?

That site already has it streamed.


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