Just wanted to introduce everyone to my new baby and first child, Sophia. She was born on May 22nd, 2015. She's a happy and healthy baby.


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Congratulations Julie she is just adorable!

What a precious doll! She's so beautiful! Congratulations Julie, so happy for you!!!

WoW! Congrats on being a mother! Beautiful child :)

Congratulations!  I never knew you were having a baby! She's adorable! Make sure you bring her up just as Annie mad as the rest of us on here :)

Oh goodness, what a wonderful surprise!!! I had no idea. She is just gorgeous!! Congrats and best wishes for a wonderful life together :)

Awwww! So happy for you Julie, congratulations! She's so adorable! All the happiness in the world to you and little Sophia!

Congrats!!!!!!! How cute is she!

Congratulations on your new lovely little girl.

Congratulations! She's beautiful! Being a mother is hard work, but it's the best thing in the world! <3 


Counting down until the auditions for the 50th anniversary revival of Annie on Broadway.  Good timing!

haha how funny! Sophia will be the perfect age for that.


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