Does anybody know how the lovely gentleman is? Heard along the grapevine he'd apparently had a stroke and is in Carolina. Regardless of what's happened, hope he's recovering and doing well, if anybody has any news of his well-being I'd be most grateful, I really miss his presence on the site, he just seemed so in his element on here <3

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I miss him too, I hope he's still reading the forum sometimes even if he isn't posting anymore.

Me too. I wish him all the best. He is a walking encyclopedia of Annie from 1982 on.His comments are missed here.

He's got a FB page, but it doesn't look like he's posted much on there. Maybe someone wants to send him a message?

Thank you Julie for the link, and thank you Cecile for finding out his wellbeing, as my message would have gone into his "other" folder as I'm not friends with him on Facebook and would not feel comfortable with sending him a friend request, as although I've spoken to him on several occasions I feel it would be an invasion of his privacy for me, a rather random 16 year old girl, to send one, haha.

In case anybody was wondering where I got the initial news, a lovely lady called Lee Sforza, who went to school with Tara Kennedy told me. I will inform her that he is well.

It's fantastic to hear he's feeling fine, it's a shame he cannot post from his iPod, but if he browses this forum I do hope he comes across this discussion. Jon, if you're reading this, your presence is very much missed. 

Love to everybody

So, I've had some news from him on Facebook. He's now living in a nursing home, he's feeling fine and still reads this forum from time to time even though he can't respond from his Ipod. I told him we miss him here!

So glad that he can still enjoy the forum, even though he cannot at this time post anything.  I have always benefited from his vast knowledge about my favorite Broadway show.  Cheers to you, Jon!

Happy to hear he's just inactive, I exchanged emails with him back in the late 90's regarding Nikka Costa and he was kind enough to help me find some of her recordings. I had no idea of his connection to this site, it's an interesting coincidence to run into this after nearly 20 years. Here's hoping for his well-being and return online. I just noticed his Hingepepper site no longer exists.


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