Jaidyn Young standby for Annie and other orphans singing Tomorrow.

You can see in Jaidyn fan page of Facebook a video of her singing Tomorrow.

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It's really hard to comment since we are talking about children, talented children for sure, but... I worry that any dislike or gentle criticism will be reason for attack. So I'll simply say, she can definitely sing but, she doesn't have the quality of voice *I* prefer for Annie. To be fair, very few do! I'm picky that way ;o)

I think she was AMAZING. It's so good to hear an Annie sing with vibrato after so long. I really hope Lilla has a natural vibrato like Jaidyn and I hope they let her use it when singing. I never really liked hearing Amanda Balon and anyone who followed her sing. It was never very ear pleasing.

I agree. I have high hopes for Lilla too. If this is how the standby sounds then Lilla should be great. I hope. Though I wasn't impressed from the small clips I've seen online. But this girl did impress me.

WOW!!!  As much as I love Annie, I've never really thought of "Tomorrow" as a song that was pleasing to the ear.  I really hate the shouting belt so many actresses seem to give it.  I've only ever really like Alicia Morton's more gentle version of the song.  Now I love Jaidyn's too!  I'm starting to hope she'll be on as Annie when I see it on Broadway!

I really think Maybe is a much prettier song.

But I gotta say, hearing Andrea or JoAnna belt Tomorrow gives me chills

Me too!

I think Jaidyn has a pretty voice, but it doesn't remind me of "Annie" voice. I thought for sure they were going to cast "belters" for this production.

Did you all see the newer video on that same page? I like her. I think she's getting the right training and could be a great stand-in!

She's a great little singer but miscast as an Annie vocally. Once again sounds too sweet and refined. Poor miss Vigard.


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