okay, I know Jaidyn goes on if the older orphans get sick. What happens if Emily or Lara get sick? Do they rehearse what to do if more than one is sick?

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I believe there is a sequence of role changing that goes on. If Molly can't go on, then Kate (Tyrah) goes on for her and

Sadie (swing) goes on for Kate.

Who is Lara?

I meant Tyrah. I could not remember correctly. Sorry for the confusion. Thanks Jenny for the info! problem.  Every production (professional) I have seen has a Molly and then one other orphan who is on the smaller side (Molly understudy) and then the standby fills the other roles.  So if Emily were out then Tyra would be Molly and Jaidyn or Sadie would fill her normal orphan role.

In this production, Madi Rae (who plays July) is the Kate u/s, so if Emily were to miss a show, then Tyrah would go on as Molly, Madi Rae would go on as Kate, and Sadie or Jaidyn would go on as July. Junah (Tessie) is also an u/s for Molly, I guess in case Tyrah is also out, so both swings would go on, as July and Tessie.

It seems odd that they do all that. Why not just bring in a swing as Kate? Then there isn't as much switching around. Besides traditionally Kate has the least amount of lines. Seems easier.

I agree Jenny...that is very strange. 


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