This is something that I discovered the last time I did Annie.  We all know that Annie wears a silver locket and that Warbucks gives her another one. 


I found a company (in Chicago, oddly enough, about 10 miles from my house) that sells girls' silver lockets for $16.99.  They will engrave them with one name, up to seven letters for free.  Since I am in Illinois, I have to pay sales tax (if you aren't, you don't), and shipping is about $3.50, bringing the grand total up to under $23.  Whenever I play Warbucks, I have always asked "Annie's" mom first if I could do it, but I always give my Annie a silver locket with her name engraved on it.  Then, I ask "Annie" if I could give it to her every night of the show.  That way, we have a crucial prop for the show and I get to give her the same present over and over again.


I always tell her that when she wins her first Tony Award, she has to wear the locket and if anyone asks her what it lis, she should say, "Some OLD guy who I was in a play with once gave it to me". 


The company is called Limoges Jewely  The SKU Number of the locket is 18662 


it is something to think about for your "Annie". 

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Thats so sweet!!!! I'm sure your "Annies" really appreciate it. :-)
That "being the richest man in the world" thing comes with responsibilities! :-) You have to be nice to the people that you meet on the way up, just in case ou meet them on the way down!

Thanks for your kind words. I hope you are right.
thats so cool! i havea slew of annie lockets. the "half" one i wore onstage. the one the warbucks guy got for me at the cast party. and the ones the producers gave all thegirls on closing nite with our character names and real names engraved on them. pl;us i have the 1982 one that came with my knickerbocker doll!
That's a great story. Thanks for the info too!
Take care

Thank you!  You're a lifesaver!  I am doing Warbucks for a community theater group in Phoenix and wanted to do something for our Annie's.  This will be perfect!  Thank you Jamey!   Charlie

Glad to help.  I love that role so much and hopefully, I can show my "leading lady" how much it and they mean to me through this small gesture.   


We DO want to see video clips once the show opens.  Gobble 'em up, Mr. Warbucks!


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