She does sound better now, though does anyone know why she didn't sing the first two verses? She seemed to just stand there listening to the backing track!!

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She just forgot to come in on time. I do wish that she would smile more and look like she enjoys singing the song. She also sounds like she is singing aldways, not always.

I'm sure she is very sweet...but this does nothing for me.

It definitely sounds like "aldway" and not always. However, I think her voice seems to be improving overall. I'm looking forward to seeing the show this weekend. So far I'm not a huge fan, but I'm hoping that changes after seeing the show live.

That was a bit awkward watching her know she should have started singing already. She is very nasally and not very powerful.

I saw the show last night and was pleasantly surprised. It was great! I thought Issie sounded SOOO much better on stage than she comes across in any of the TV segments I have seen her on. Although she was a bit nasally at times, she had a beautiful sweet yet powerful voice. I never expected her to be as good as she was! My only complaint would be with her acting. She often spoke very quickly and parts of the show seemed a bit rehearsed. Overall, though she definitely nailed the part - especially for her age. I liked her enthusiasm, spunk and sass as well.
Other comments from the show...
- Star to Be was terrific. She held a note so long that the crowd burst into well-deserved applause in the middle of her song.
-Miss Hanigan was so good. Very funny and had the crowd roaring.
- Besides Molly and Kate (the small one and the blonde one), the other orphans all blended together and it was really hard to differentiate one from another on stage. They were all outstanding, but I prefer more diversity.


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