A lovely person gifted me these clips of both Issie and Adia as Annie. They're all quite short and all from act 2, but I am so happy, I finally got to see them both in the role. The first lot are Issie and the last ones are of Adia. Anyway, here's the link. Please don't post it outside of Annieorphans, and don't use them for trade!

I must admit, Issie sound much better on stage then she did in any of the press clips.


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Thank you so much for sharing these with us! Ah! the beauty of being part of such a great community of fellow Annie-lovers!

And I totally agree with you, Issie sounds so much better than all the TV clips, maybe she needs to fully be in character to give a great performance, or maybe it's just the correct sound system...

Adia is a better singer then Issie. Who is Adia? Is she the understudy?

Adia plays Pepper and she is also the Annie alternate. I think I heard somewhere that she plays Annie on weekend shows, whilst Issie does all the mid- week ones.

I think they both have good voices though based on just those clips, although Adia's voice is stronger, I think I prefer Issie :)

Why would Adia do the weekend shows when those are the most popular and Issie is advertised as Annie?  They also extended Issie's contract I believe so they are clearly happy with her

I have no idea... to be honest I don't even remember where I got that information from so it may be wrong. 

And this isn't related to this conversation, but I don't want to start a new thread for it. Here is Sydney Shuck Singing Maybe Reprise from a production of Annie jr. in 2013. Found it on Brooklyn's Facebook page.

She has a really lovely voice.

I saw Annie on a Saturday night, April 18, and Adia was on as Annie.

Great Clips! THanks for sharing! 


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