Interactive guide to a bunch of current auditionees

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Replies to This Discussion of those girls featured is 14 and another is 5.  Does anyone know if they let all ages audition despite the initial age restrictions?
yes they did, i was actually thinking of going bc i emailed and they said they were going to see older and younger girls, but the ones within the age limit had a better shot. so with that said, i decided not to go.
I don't hear any audio on there, do you?
There's only audio on a few of them.  And yes, I was able to hear it.

It only has audio if when you float the cursor over the photo it says Audio above the "Click For More" message.

Looks like a few pairs of siblings ! I wasn't too impressed with their audio offerings....Thanks TonyV.



Rebecca Goldfarb and Alana Peyton Smith were the Annie and Molly in the community theatre production I helped out with in May. They were excited to be shown on the site!

Here is a video interview with Rebecca Goldfarb at Annie 2012 auditions. Sorry if this has been posted before. Rebecca has a long interview but you have to wait for the reporter to get done talking first.


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