Since the producers of the current production of "Annie" have sent me a cease and desist letter from their lawyer (accusing me of copyright infringement), making me responsible for links to audio clips and still photos that have been re-posted on this site (from other sites), I have to ask that everyone refrain from doing so again.

Please do not post audio clips or links to audio clips from any other website, like You Tube. Please do not post screen grabs from video or links to video or stills from any other website.

Thank you,


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I understand the bootlegs, as much as i enjoy them.

But the photo grabs? I mean THEY are posting those publicly anyway.

I think getting an attorney and drawing up legal action is a little overboard at this point...
They already have an attorney. No need to get one. One of the Livejournal groups that I am a part of just got a cease and desist letter for sharing an Evita bootleg. This is how these things are dealt with.

Another thing I wanted to add (sorry if this has been said already): you said they were accusing you of copyright infringement.  How?  It's not as if you were trying to claim that you owned the pictures and videos!

Sorry to hear that Julie.  What you post on here can only help promote the new production so they're being a bit silly.


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