Since the producers of the current production of "Annie" have sent me a cease and desist letter from their lawyer (accusing me of copyright infringement), making me responsible for links to audio clips and still photos that have been re-posted on this site (from other sites), I have to ask that everyone refrain from doing so again.

Please do not post audio clips or links to audio clips from any other website, like You Tube. Please do not post screen grabs from video or links to video or stills from any other website.

Thank you,


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Alright, thanks for the information.
Are you kidding me? You haven't done anything. It's a blog!!!!! They are paranoid......

This production company are taking this too far. It doesn't matter if links are posted on this forum. The fact is they are links to external sites, so the audios/photos or even videos will still be there available for everyone on the other sites. If anything, these recordings represent an interest in the show. If there aren't any bootlegs of a show it is usually because no one cares about it. Look at Wicked, there are so many bootlegs audio and video and the show is still a huge success. Mr. Bundles and whoever else is complaining about this need to work more on the problems with the show and forget about people posting negative reviews or a few audio recordings online.

Wow! A cease-and-desist? I don't understand. If there are links to other sites e.g. youtube shouldn't the show be concerned about THOSE sites?

This is baffling. I mean, of all the theater-related sites, yours is the most friendly, holds the most information, and definitely has the most passionate fan-base. You've worked hard over the years to provide a place for ANNIE fans to meet and share information. You'd think the show would avoid alienating a huge fan-base.

I was considering a trip to NYC to see this production but, after taking legal action against you, all while you've supported their show, I think I'll forego that trip.

First they were overly sensitive to some of the "reviews" and now legal action? They must know the show isn't in good shape if they are going to this extreme.

 Annie20th, Annie30th and the Networks tours were all supportive and seemed to love this site, even with constructive criticism or a blatent dislike for the production.

What a shame. What a disappointment.

Maybe the powers-that-be should concentrate on preparing for opening night and spend less time worried about a link to youtube on a fan-based website.

Right, because free publicity is just evil...

I hope that my saying this doesn't get you in bigger trouble, but couldn't the producers have just contacted you themselves instead of having their lawyer do it?

I had the same thought, Claire.
Contacting her would have been more professional. For people so worried about bad publicity, they aren't doing themselves any favors.


Thank you Julie for doing all the work it took to take out everything "copyrighted"

And as always for running this great site out of your love for the show. This place has helped me more times than I can count.

Is this for ANY Annie type stuff or just content from the new production?

Just THIS production.

Sounds like the Annie producers have their panties in a twist.  Access to clips make people WANT to see the show.  No one hears a youtube clip of tomorrow, says that was great but then decides "eh...I heard it on youtube so why bother seeing it now"


they need to calm down

I heard the you tube clips and loved it! It made me want to see the show! However, after this political bulls....I doubt I will. Get a clue producers and stop taking the excitement out of the theatre!

Guys, guys, guys. This is standard procedure! Producers call for the removal of bootlegs all of the time. They aren't targeting Julie. They have employees who look at the most likely places where these videos and audios will emerge, and this is an obvious place to check for circulation. I enjoy audios and bootlegs too, but the fact of the matter is, they are illegal. The enforcement usually becomes more lax with longer running shows, but there is always a tight leash on new productions. ESPECIALLY if they are in previews-- this is their time to experiment.   Are you honestly suggesting that the producers shouldn't do everything possible to protect their investment? Theatre is a business. 


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