Oh my goodness, oh my goodness! I've been asked to direct our Community production of Annie. So excited and scared at the same time - auditions are next week. I only wanted to share my Annie collection and audition for the show and have now agreed to be in charge. Any tips or stories from others who have been involved in a local production, please share them. I've got a list of questions started for when I meet with the Executive Director and other members of the board this week.


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Wow! Congrats! :D Keep us informed about your production, it'll be really nice to know :)
Have fun! I hope you have an amazing experience!!!
How lovely for you Congratulations, what a lovely experience this will be for you, when you have time could you please send post some photographs? That would be just lovely. Good Luck will be thinking of you love Kathy x
Oh, I will definitely keep everyone posted. I've started a blog if anyone's interested:

Have a super great day!


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