Annie The Musical said Anthony Warlow renewed his contract to december? Does that mean it will last longer than that? By now the 97 revival had closed. Anybody know??

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Just because he renewed his contract doesn't automatically mean the show will last that long (though I think it will)  It is still making money as of now

I think the show will last much longer than that.  Renewing contracts for just a few months is standard.  The '97 revival was a whole different story and was struggling from the beginning due to the bad publicity after the Joanna firing and so-so reviews.

Tickets, at this point, are only being sold until January 5th, 2014...

I hope that's not a sign of closing!

I think that is (hopefully) just a sign of "wait and see"

arent they going on tour in 2014

Yes, but several currently running Broadway shows also have touring companies. We just saw Wicked here in Philadelphia, for instance. And didn't the original Annie touring companies tour while the show was still on Broadway?

Yes, I believe there were four touring companies running concurrently with the original Broadway production.

Based on the weekly box office reports, "Annie" is currently doing moderately at the box office. Not because of poor ticket sales (Tuesday, Wed, Thursday and Friday show are practically selling out) but because the Palace Theater is one of the largest theaters on Broadway and is also not the best liked because of the balcony which has uncomfortable seats, is way too high and far away from the stage and is to compact when it's sold out. 

The production like most Broadway shows will suffer a bit once September and October roll around because Fall is usually a very quiet time on Broadway. I definitely believe that once November and December approach (maybe a little bit of January), ticket sales will once again pick up big time. But once they enter late winter and spring, they will have to start doing some work to keep ticket sales up to fill that barn of the Palace Theater.

They should probably start thinking about future big names to play characters. Jane Lynch worked out so well because not only was she a ticket draw but she could actually perform the role and perform it well (some people have even said she's better than Katie Finneran; I agree).

So, Annie is doing okay at the box office. Not good enough but not bad enough to have to close the show. I personally blame the fact that they chose the largest and one of the most disliked Broadway houses. Fall and Winter are approaching so we'll see.

I wonder if there is any chance they would move the show to a smaller house. Or is that such a big expense that it would not even be worth it?

I believe that they should move to a smaller house. The Palace Theater has a total of 1,700+ seats making it the third largest Broadway theater behind the Gershwin where "Wicked" is currently playing and the Foxwoods where "Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark" is currently playing.

"Annie" should be performing in a much small 1,000 seat house. I'm not sure about expenses to move to a different smaller theater but it definitely will cost a large sum of money and they haven't recouped their initial budget yet. To move to a larger house, I assume, they will have to first recoup their budget completely and then raise the money to transfer to a new theater.

Moving to a smaller house would definitely help ticket sales enormously. 1,000 seats compared to 1,750 seats is quite a difference.

I wonder if maybe they didn't have too much choice in that matter and had to do with theater availabilities, which is why they ended up in a big one.

They really don't have a choice at what theater they go into. They sign with a theater company which in this case is the Nederlander organization and they book the show into a theater based on theater availability and open around the time of the show's projected opening date which was November and the Palace was open and available so that's where the production was eventually booked.

So it eventually all really comes down to timing and availability.


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