I disagree with the changes made to Peter Pan Live, I have to spend a lot of time untangling my feelings about my gender identity and my bisexuality from the much-needed anti-racism discourse. It was the first time "White Privilege" or what I see in the mirror every day, was the point. On top of that people on Twitter were not shy about expressing the opinion that A woman shouldn't be allowed to play Peter Pan, which is sexist and lends Itself well to transphobia, and NBC did nothing to stop this. I guess you could say this was the first time I was called a woman and had a gender identity crisis on top of being a racist by default. My understanding of the show was frozen in time. I mean was six-year-old me supposed to know that "Ugg" had a long racist history going back to The Last of the Mohicans? Or was I supposed to think the actress Sonda Lee had red skin, even though she was just as white as I was? Or was I supposed to sense the racist violence perpetrated by other people who said the slur in Mary Martin's delivery of a line that started with the words "Brave, noble?" How was supposed to know? What I saw and heard were a White person and an "Indian" promising tie "True Blood Brothers to the end" with each other. I promised to be loyal too... um yeah... "Ugg--Ugg-Wa" means "I promise" to me. !

At the Center of Annie is a Father-daughter relationship very much like the one I and my Dad had before he died when I was 12. "Maybe" helped me cling on to magical thinking that one day he'd simply come back! My grief process was Annie wanting to play her learning the songs by heart. I never had to say goodbye to my Dad, because of Annie.  The character of Daddy Warbucks is a bald workaholic with the label "Republican" a word that has different connotations today than in the 1970''s... What is NBC going to do about that? This time I'm not going to find out.

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