To have an actor disabled by Polio play FDR is morally right, to me as a person with Cerebral Palsy, and so I watched to support Alan Toy!

Alan Toy speak sings his part in the song, which is common. In the second half, the cabinet sings over him! I can't tell if he can sing at a broadway level He wasn't on camera for A New Deal fur Christmas with the rest of the cast  

That was not the only disappointment last might, Grace sang the main part of the NYC Reprise and carried Annie. My Dad used to carry me due to my Cerebral Palsy, so that part was a Representation for me. They made changes to all the "Maybe: reprises, which represented the hope my dead Dad would come back further weakening the relationship between Annie and Daddy Warbucks . Like Peter Pan that can be interpreted through Queer Theory, Annie is a show that can be meaningful for people from multiple backgrounds, and NBC doesn't consider all backgrounds. At least I can post to others who might understand this time! 

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