I saw the new "Annie" film and can't wait for the discussions to begin. As expected, the singing and dancing (if you could even call it that) was painful. The acting wasn't much better. My guess is that Cameron Diaz has been drunk at least once in her life, but you'd never know it from her overacting and "pretend" drunk performance. Jamie Foxx seems really uncomfortable with his character and with his singing. It's hard to watch. The kids are cute, but their living situation comes across as totally implausible. Quvenzhané Wallis tries her best, I'm sure, but she doesn't belong in a musical. The songs from the show are almost unrecognizable, which makes me sad.

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No, I will not. Do you understand that the copy of the film that is floating around is due to a crime that happened to Sony Studios? Please read about it on the Internet.

can you give us the link?

I'll try not to go into "spoilers" too much. I also saw the movie.  Obviously, I was delighted with Taylor's cameo appearance. There were some other cute "winks" to the musical and related things. Stacks' opponent in the mayoral race is named Harold Gray, in the opponent's TV commercial there is a very familiar song for the theme, and the name of a band that appears in Easy Street is either a shout out to Annie's catch phrase or to Aileen Quinn's band.  In the non singing stuff I kinda liked Quvenzhané's acting. It was kinda sweet.  Jami Foxx ran hot and cold, but mostly cold (except in some of the comedy stuff). Cameron Diaz seemed to be channeling something between a stoned Carol Burnett and a less manic Katie Finernan, but not with the skill of either.  Ironically, one threat Hannigan makes is to send Annie to a group home which would have actually been closer to the original orphanage premise. 

As I posted on the soundtrack thread, some of the original/revamped songs work, sort of.  Too many were changed beyond recognition musically and lyrically.  Some things I get (like the foster kid) but other songs went too far afield.

The revisions and the original songs appear to be written with an emphasis on trying to create a pop hit and not actually serve the purpose of the musical.  They aren't songs likely to be hummed while walking out of the theater.  They just kind of sit there.

It'll be interesting to see what the critics do to this film.  It'll be even more interesting to see if Martin, Tom and Charles will trash the changes in this film, which are more extreme, than the 1982 film. I have a feeling that in this circumstance and given the production team they probably won't say too much publicly.

without giving spoilers how does never fully dressed play out does someone sing it in the movie or is it a background thing 

It's basically a background thing. 

I haven't seen the movie yet, but I like hearing about the Easter eggs you mention. Not even the original managed to name check Harold Gray. Nice!

I can send a link, if you email me privately and I know you from this website. My email address is

Julie, just curious what you thought of the staging of  "Tomorrow" as Annie walked through the city?  I actually had to watch it twice to catch some of the poignant images (the ones that appeared to be one thing at first in Annie's mind and then turned back to reality).   I thought it was rather sweet.  Her singing was over processed, but the visuals were quite interesting.

I thought it was odd that Annie keeps hearing a baby cry and sees things that aren't really there. It seemed like they needed to fill a lot of time while she is singing and walking down the street. I also thought it was odd that she would let her birth record sit in a puddle of water and then just crumple it and presumable shove it into her pocket.

I interpreted the visuals, and there were several including two parents with a little girl and the baby and others as things Annie was imagining for "Tomorrow" or longing for. The audience is given a glimpse of what she is hoping for. 

The whole birth record thing was strange, but so was making her 4 (Molly's age at abandonment in the original musical) when she was abandoned.

i am watching and i see why tomorrow was in it, and its fits scene to be honest. But everything else so far doesn't.

SPOILER (kind of)

I've seen it as well and would like to know if anybody else is bothered that we don't know what happened to Annie's parents by the end of the film (or did I miss something?).


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