I saw the new "Annie" film and can't wait for the discussions to begin. As expected, the singing and dancing (if you could even call it that) was painful. The acting wasn't much better. My guess is that Cameron Diaz has been drunk at least once in her life, but you'd never know it from her overacting and "pretend" drunk performance. Jamie Foxx seems really uncomfortable with his character and with his singing. It's hard to watch. The kids are cute, but their living situation comes across as totally implausible. Quvenzhané Wallis tries her best, I'm sure, but she doesn't belong in a musical. The songs from the show are almost unrecognizable, which makes me sad.

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Taylor's cameo was very cute and a clever idea.

I will say that William Henry Harrison should be a lesson to us all.

Yes, Taylor was very cute as Annie (in her costume and wig), however, when she was at the front of the class giving a report on a U.S. President, I was distracted by the names Charles Strouse and Martin Charnin written on the blackboard behind her. that also Thomas Meehan written on the board? ! can't see it all. Sorry the film is not too good. I had no plans to see it but am interested in others' opinions.

Is Taylor wearing same wig and jumper from the Broadway revival? I wonder what the film would be like if she were Annie...

It's actually Taylor's own hair, styled to look like the wig.  She had posted a picture of herself on her Instagram page when it was done, tho she didn't say it was for the movie.  The wig was actually darker and longer.  The dress is not her stage costume, as for the jumper (sweater) probably also belongs to the movie.

I am going to see this movie, but I know it will not work. I want to say some of the reasons why it won't work, but I don't want to be misinterpreted as racist.

I think if you hold onto the original Annie you (not you in particular) have no chance to enjoy it....I have no idea if the movie was executed well, but I think the idea is great...I think it is appropriate that they changed Annie to a child of color and the lyrics to "foster kid"... I think you can make it current while still holding onto the real story of Annie

I thought it wasn't out for another couple weeks?

It's been all over the news.

Where did you find it, Julie? I know it's not the right thing to do but I can't find it to download anywhere. I'm really curious. It'll come out around here in february only. 

I found the movie the link to the movie if anyone wants it.  I am watching it now. 


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