So at the last moment I got tickets to see the matinee today! My aunts were in town and one of them had never seen at Broadway show, or been to NYC for that matter, and we figured that Annie was the perfect show to take her to. 

The show itself was great, as I expected, but it was interesting to see it again as I saw it back in November with the original cast. Sadie played Annie and all the orphans played their regular parts (no swings or understudies on today). I did like Sadie's portrayal of Annie a lot. She played her more as a street-tough, smart, fast thinking kid, rather than an innocent orphan.She also didn't use as much as an accent as Lilla did, which I liked a lot too.

I don't think that I could say who was better between Lilla and Sadie as they both had their strengths and weaknesses in the part. I did like Sadie's lack of accent, but Lilla just seems to have much more of a mature, round voice instead of Sadie's who could get a little whiney from time to time.

I did see the new Ms. Hannigan (Faith Prince) and the new Grace (Jenny Barber) who both were great. Faith was hilarious but, like Katie Finneran, was more drunk than mean. Jenny Barber was great too- poised, sophisticated, and confident.

All around the show was great, but I can certainly see why it's set a closing date. The mezzanine was barely halfway full and the ushers even told the people sitting towards the back that they could move up as far as they wanted since they had seated everyone. There were only a few groups in the top balcony and the house was about 75% full. 

Go and check out the show if you have a chance to see it before it closes! The new cast of orphans are exciting, fresh, and funny and the show is still as enjoyable  as ever :)

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I'm not trying to get into a back and forth on this Robert, but clearly you do care about getting your picture taken with the cast and getting autographs as noted in the discussion you started about just that as well as many posts stating your delight when you did get an autograph and picture with Lilla as well as the orphans and some of the adult cast. You have also stated how star struck you were to see Sadie. Point is I dont think your concern is for the little girls waiting to see their heros. I just find it odd that you seem to be disappointed that Taylor did not come out even though you almost had a medical emergency because you were so distraught that the matinee tickets you initially purchased had Taylor on as Annie and not Lilla. On top of that you actually came back and saw another "then" understudy and thought she was better than Lilla. I bet if you just went the first time you'd of had a great time and also gotten Taylor's autograph. You'd then have the complete Annie set!

I think it is important to remember that we are talking about children here...very little of this is their says you have homework and suddenly you are not our signing autographs :) 


I would never expect an actor to come out and sign autographs even if it is relatively standard practice on Broadway.

I realize these kids are professionals so can be scrutanized fairly, but I also think people should be careful how they go about it...telling one Annie you thought they were better than another is probably not appropriate (after all they are likely friends), and commenting about their actions on anything but the stage should really be carefully considered before acting upon.

I saw "Annie" in New York on August 7 (matinee) and saw a couple of the orphans come out and Sadie.  I watched from a safe distance.  I was not with my wife and kids at the time and thought it would be a bit strange to ask for a picture or an autograph.  I did ask the chaperone if the adult cast would be coming out and he said no, that they did not sign autographs which I certainly respect.  I did not want to make an issue of the matter as I respect the performers' privacy.    I met Faith Prince back in 2001 when she was playing Ella Peterson in the revival of "Bells Are Ringing" and had my picture taken with her.  She seemed very gracious to everybody, as did all the cast members, Beth Fowler, etc.  Angela Lansbury and Audra McDonald are two others who seem to enjoy meeting their admirers. At the Palace the man I spoke to said that the adult cast used a different exit.  Have no idea where that might be.  Hopefully I can post more of my impressions of seeing "Annie" for the first time ever on Broadway after having seen many other touring companies and both sequels with the original casts.


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